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Several characteristics of the road China Anping screen development

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In recent years, based on the 500-year history of Anping wire mesh industry, with traditional strengths in specialty wire mesh industry development process, the county established a "private county, export-oriented" development strategy, through a platform to build a private economic aggregates Highland change the past, "village ignition, household smoke," the extensive mode of development, to make industry more scientific and rational planning and layout for industrial agglomeration, intensive development of the foundation.
      Industrial park gathering. County in accordance with "making the city, the city produced XingYuan one" development ideas, the construction of the starting area of ​​10 square kilometers, 20 square kilometers of the total regulatory provincial industrial park, issued a "county encourage corporate retreats into the garden city policies" promote scale private park second venture, so the industry giant. At present, a total investment of 40 billion yuan of 52 high-level industry, high-tech, non-polluting large projects to take root, more than 30 production and deliver results. Meanwhile, the construction of the Amber million and up to Chan and other five provincial SME business counseling base, focus on the integration of the development of small and micro enterprises, to do the fine. As of November, the total output value of industrial parks 7.5 billion yuan, an increase of 45.56%.
      Logistics Park bearer. County in accordance with "government-led, business operations," the development of business model, relying on the simultaneous construction of the industrial park planning and construction investment of 5.2 billion yuan, covers an area of ​​two square kilometers of modern logistics demonstration provincial park. Currently, 260 domestic and international freight forwarding, logistics picking companies operating in the zone; warehouse receipts pledge, logistics, GPS positioning of the three information systems, supply chain, procurement chain, distribution chain and logistics organic integration companies and banks, on-line trial run, an annual throughput of 36 million tons, the value of 50 billion yuan nationwide road hub is taking shape. Industrial park and logistics park rely on each other, opening up a new realm of manufacturing and logistics industry linkage development.
      Professional market hatch. By county vigorously develop the market, so China Anping Wire Mesh World, has become sitting on more than one thousand stores, annual trading volume of over 200 billion, the world's only professional screen market, the province ranked the top ten, hundred Chinese , built up with wire mesh world as a leader in the distribution of the country above the county level cities over 12,000 mesh nodes store market system. To change the scene, in cash, the traditional spot trading transactions, innovative format market, the introduction of one of the top 500 Chinese private enterprises and Baoding Long Jitai Company invested 17.2 billion yuan, the construction of the International Trade City project screen, build a combination of online and offline market trading platform and e-commerce business base, striving for national e-commerce demonstration base. (Jiazhan An)

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